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The Written History of the Cobalt Clan

Golias Cobalt was born and raised on a pig farm, supplying Vasmar’s town with delicious pig-related food products. But one day, bandits raided the farm, and killed his parents. Golias managed to escape, and fled to the safety of Vasmar’s town. It was here that he found some friends of his family who took him in. When Golias was eighteen, he started doing illegal dealings. He met a beautiful young girl while living in the town, and two years later they got married and gave birth to a young son, whom they called Vilkars. The family left with Vasmar when he urged all of his citizens to leave Minecraftia. Unfortunately, Golias’s wife gave up all faith, and joined one of the various mutinies.

When they reached Craftilium, Golias settled in Asgard. He taught his son the ways of his business, and Vilkars later became an illegal dealer himself. When the great split came, Vilkars stayed with Golias in Asgard. But Golias was found out by the guards, and was dragged off to prison. Luckily, Vilkars remained incognito, and married the woman he had been courting. They had two sons, and one of them did not like the aspect of being an illegal dealer, so he left and joined the Crusaders. He was later killed in battle. The remaining son, Wilhelm, decided to settle down and stop the illegal dealings for a while.

150 Years Later

Nobody knows what happened to Wilhelm. All they know is that his great-great-grandson Lord Maslius kept up the family trade for a while, but gave it up and joined the Templars. Maslius has returned from his exile from Nurichstead, known by the name of Caelan. But, that’s a story for another time. What happens to Maslius, only time will tell.


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